Castle Water

24th July 2010, Saturday

A search through some Creeping Thistle this morning provided a few highlights, the rather large Nowickia ferox just took the top spot, this fly is very similair in appearence to Tachina fera but can be seperated by the colour of the legs and antennae. Hoverfly highlights included at least 6 Helophilus trivittatus, a rather handsome male Helophilus hybridus, Eristalis Intricarius and the superb Eristalinus aeneus. Dragonflies were represented by Migrant Hawker, Emperor, Brown Hawker, Ruddy and Common Darter.


Nowickia ferox


Rear shot of Nowickia ferox showing bright orange pattern on the abdomen.


The similair Tachina fera, but the colour of the antennae segments and tibia help to seperate from N. ferox.


Furry bee mimic Eristalis intricarius