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5th July 2010, Monday

Pett Pools

Sunday 4th July – 6am to 11am. Not a lot to see apart from seeing breeding birds, with families of the Pochard (with 6 young) two pairs of Tufted Duck with a total of 14 young between them, and a G.C.Grebe with one chick. Also five Shelduck (imms). Large numbers of Swift, Sand Martin, House Martin and a few Swallows mixed in with them, were filling the sky, over the marsh, but the numbers soon dispursed. At Carters there was a Hobby, Barn Owl, and Roy had a Buzzard there, and a summer plumage Spotted Redshank at the scrape. Good birding Pete.

5th July 2010, Monday

Homage to Horseflies

I was discussing Sam’s picture of the Horse-fly head with a member of the public today when they declared proudly that they didn’t bother to look at their eyes before they squashed them. Being a bit of a horsefly enthusiast this prompted me to sit down and think up a few reasons why these much maligned creatures aren’t really as bad as people think, and and why indiscriminate squashing is not a good option!
Large Marsh Horsefly, the commonest of the larger horsefly species at Rye Harbour
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