Rother Woods Project

1st July 2010, Thursday

July is a great month for butterflies. Here’s the latest news:
White Admiral
First recorded sighting: 26th June at Mill Wood, Peasmarsh by Mike Pepler.
Silver-washed Fritillary
First recorded sightings: 29th June at multiple sites. This big beautiful butterfly will be found on woodland rides throughout July. Brede High Woods is a great place to see them.
Scarlet Tiger moth
Recorded in the Brede valley on 28 June – only the second official Rother record in 100 years but it might be more widespread- look out for it in parks or gardens.
Skippers of Spring
106 Grizzled Skipper sightings recorded; Beckley Woods remains an important area for this tiny butterfly. More than 300 Dingy Skipper sightings recorded; Darwell Woods and the Gypsum Conveyor are a hotspot.
Summer Skippers
Large Skipper, Small Skipper and Essex Skipper should be abundant in tall grasses during July. The Sussex Butterfly report (free to members) has an excellent article about telling the difference between them.
Marbled White
Rare away from the downs but look out for these in the Rother valley. There has been a colony near Wittersham and Stone Cliff.
Purple Hairstreak
Look up at the canopy of sunny oaks on warm July evenings for these tiny blue/grey butterflies.
Common Butterflies in July
Meadow Brown (in meadows), Gatekeeper (near gates and hedgerows), Ringlet (on Brambles), Skippers (in tall grasses).
White Admiral & Silver-washed Fritillary Walk – Sat 10 July, 10:30am – Crowhurst Farm, Eatenden Lane, Netherfield. For Butterfly Conservation members and anyone who’s sent in butterfly sightings.
Wild Flowers, Butterflies & Moths weekend – drop in 17th and 18th July to see butterflies and moths and buy flowers for wildlife – Wild Flower Barn, Herstmonceux
Garden Moths
We visited 22 Rother gardens in June and recorded 179 moth species including 3 nationally scarce species – Scarce Merveille du Jour, Rosy Marbled, and Festoon.
Have great butterfly month. Rother Butterflies in July