Warmth again

14th May 2010, Friday

With the change in wind direction it was good to get out in the back garden to see what was buzzing around the flowering bushes and shrubs. A good selection of insects were found, bumblebee workers of four species were present in good numbers and the rather bristly Tachina fera is hard to miss. Seven species of hoverfly were found the highlight being the superb Neoscia podagrica, this little fellow is easily overlooked as it flies low down in the dappled sunlight amongst the long grasses and pot plants. Easier hoverflies to pick out included Epistrohe eligans, Myathropa florea and Meliscaeva auricollis.

Bombus terrestris/lucorum worker with polllen load

The rather bristly Tachina fera

Epistrophe eligans in flight