Friends of Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve Website

11th May 2010, Tuesday

Interested in being a Friend of Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve? Check out their website for details on joining.

The Friends of Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve was formed in April 2007 by members of the Volunteer Rangers, as a means of involving the wider community in the management and enjoyment of the Reserve.

Our aim is to protect, promote and enhance the natural environment of the Reserve, and to encourage others to join us in this work, so that the value of the Reserve and its wildlife is protected for future generations.

To fulfill this objective, we will continue to support the conservation work set out in the management plan, assist in monitoring wildlife, and raise funds for projects within the Reserve that might not otherwise be possible.

To help visitors enjoy the Reserve to the full, we organise a programme of events throughout the year, and aim to enhance and assist with running the Visitor Centre.