Totem Pole

27th April 2010, Tuesday

The most likely culprit for this handywork is the Great Spotted Woodpecker. It does look as if the woodpeckers are trying to create a totem pole. Although I can’t tell what it is yet.

This standing dead tree trunk shows why it is important not to over manage the woodland and cut down every dead tree. Dead trees like this are clearly made use of by birds and insects alike. It might not be aesthetically pleasing to us to see them as we walk by, but they are necessary evils. The Woodland Trust at Brede High Wood are aware of this and that is why they leave trees like this standing if they are not a danger. Once you come across a tree like this, it is always fun to take a look as you pass by to see if there are any woodpeckers on it. There is a sizeable mound of chippings on the ground in front of the tree. Enough for a few hamster cages perhaps.