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26th March 2010, Friday

Brede Valley

58 species at Doleham this morning, including Willow Warbler, Grey Wagtail, Buzzard, and 300+ various dabbling ducks.
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26th March 2010, Friday

Shore Ridges Merlin

The Merlin which has been frequenting Shore Ridges recently gave good views perched on fencing by the Old Lifeboat House this morning. The bird spent sometime scanning the sky and shortly after the picture below was taken (through bins) took off and headed straight  upwards, it was just possible with binoculars to see a small flock of  finches heading eastwards and was obviously the target of the ascending Merlin. It was not possible to see what happened, but it must be a good hunting strategy this time of year with hundreds of small birds migrating along the coast.