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16th December 2009, Wednesday

TQ81G out in the cold

Or “tackling the last blank tetrad” – and it was cold enough this afternoon, cloudy and bleak, with a few snow flurries up on the Ridge! TQ81G is St Helen’s and Coghurst, the last local tetrad with no winter records online so far. Two hours wandering around St Helen’s, including the huge cemetery, produced just 22 species – most birds were very inactive in the dull and freezing conditions. However, they did include Great Spotted and Green Woodpeckers, Jays, Coal Tits and a Nuthatch, about 20 Redwings and 60 Greenfinches. But no sign of Pied Wagtail, Great Tit, Starling or House Sparrow!  A return visit in better weather should easily push it up to 30, even without the much more promising habitat around Coghurst.