…and again

5th November 2009, Thursday

At 07.30, I was up at the Firehills too late again. Even as I was getting out of the car I could see dense lines of Woodpigeons, comprising several hundred birds, moving along the cliffline while another couple of hundred were sweeping over the car park on whistling wings.

Down at the edge, hundreds were going past but I could see massive flocks coming across the Channel to make landfall further down the coast, where I guess the stronger NW wind had deflected them. There were tight balls of pigeons high against dark strata of cloud and looser groups stippling the sky above the headlands.
In one hour I counted 3,900, but Andrew at Hastings & Alan elsewhere in the Country Park, both out earlier than me, had each seen over 7,000.
With the size of the flocks involved, I had found it hard to separate the Stock Doves, though there were many passing. Numbers of Chaffinches were up, a couple of Bramblings called overhead and a flock of c40 Lesser Redpolls was in Warren Glen.