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19th October 2009, Monday


I have previously posted about my use of the BTO garden bird watch website.  This is the second year that I have supplied weekly records of our garden birds and I do enjoy the ability to compare our garden from season to season, and contrast it with national trends.  The scheme has picked up evidence of declines of greenfinch that can be linked to an emerging disease, and the sustained decline of familiar birds like the house sparrow.

This bird is the only species to be recorded in all 81 weeks I have contributed to the scheme.  We provide them with food, nest boxes, and patches of hay meadow as a source of insects for the young during the summer. Each evening, at around one hour before dusk these birds gather in an unexceptional looking patch of scrub at the bottom of our street and launch into a noisy chorus that gives the impression that there are a lot of birds around.


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