Hastings Country Park NR

13th October 2009, Tuesday

I spent an hour up around the quarry and coastguards. Quite different from Sunday in that there was bright sunshine and the interesting movement was westerly, with Song Thrushes and Redwings heading off towards the Ridge. (I now see that this was nothing compared with the huge numbers arriving in Kent today.)

There were more Blackbirds than usual, and 5 Ring Ouzels flew overhead. Usually, they skulk in the bushes here, or are seen diving into cover, so it made a change to see these, lit by the low sun and looking from side to side as if bewildered by the landscape below them.
Small numbers of the Usual Suspects were flying E, joined by some Less Usual Suspects in the form of 10 Crossbills, 1 Brambling and 2 Snipe.
A Dartford Warbler was in the gorse just S of the quarry. While I was there, Andrew G texted me to say he’s found a Yellow-browed Warbler on by the caves entrance on West Hill, Hastings, but I couldn’t find it.