Powdermill Reservoir

11th October 2009, Sunday

With the week’s rain yet to drain from the dripping woods, the reservoir level is still low enough to expose the top of the old causeway which, for hundreds of years up to 1930, had crossed the valley.

The angler on the right is standing on the old road, built of iron slag and usually under water.

3 Little Egrets, including a juvenile, were running about the water’s edge where leaping fry preceded the emergence of a Little Grebe which had been hunting them; I had taken its ripples to be those of a swimming fish.
Further over, five Mandarins, lit bright orange by the autumn sun, sat in the shallows outstaring a fox, also bright orange, half-hidden in willows.

Otherwise, there were 25 Mallard, 7 Teal and 2 Gadwall loafing on the muddy banks, 9 Tufted Duck, 9Coots & 2G C Grebes on the water and at the silted head of the lake a chorus of whistling from 2 Green Sandpipers and an invisible Kingfisher. 2 Grey Wagtails were at the dam.

In the woods, strings of Mixed Tits were crossing the paths and 2 Buzzards soaring. Crossbills have been seen frequently in recent weeks but though we heard them often the most we saw were 3.