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7th October 2009, Wednesday

Convolvulus Hawk Moth Caterpillar

Whilst wandering around the RSPB at Dungeness yesterday I came across a huge caterpillar. After asking around the view is that it could be a convolvulus hawk moth caterpillar. I took some photos and in one I have placed my keys so its size can be estimated.
Steve Ray by e-mail

7th October 2009, Wednesday

Japanese Mitten Crab

This report was on the WildHastings website – click here
01 October 2009, Thursday – A colleague was amazed to meet a Japanese Mitten Crab waving at him and his dog in a field beside the Rother, just north-east of Iden (sounds like a film). Is this invader known in this area or does it need reporting? Posted by: Dave @ 17:20
Might be Chinese Mitten Crab which was reported in the RX area in March 2008 – click here.