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22nd September 2009, Tuesday

Rare birds update

No sign at Scotney up to 6 p.m. today of yesterday’s Buff-breasted Sandpiper, but 3 Glossy Ibises have been at the ARC pit at Dungeness all day, while a dark raptor showing some characters of a Booted Eagle has been seen intermittently in the Scotney/Lydd/Lade area at various times during the day.

22nd September 2009, Tuesday

Rare birds at Scotney GPs

Yesterday afternoon at Scotney a juvenile Buff-breasted Sandpiper was found among a flock of Golden Plovers and 7 Ruff feeding on the pasture by the road east of the Kent boundary, but the whole flock (except for 2 Ruff) flew off NE just before 6 pm, possibly disturbed by a female Merlin that was in the area. This morning at 7.18, people hoping to see it return were surprised to see 2 Glossy Ibises flying over west – possibly from Dungeness where the species was seen yesterday I think at the ARC pit.