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20th September 2009, Sunday

Rye Harbour Moths

Despite the damp misty start to the day there were around 25 species of moth in the Lime Kiln trap this morning, not bad for this time of year on the reserve. The most abundant species today were Square-spot Rustic (93) and Large Yellow Underwing (35), while the highlights were Autumnal Rustic, a less than annual catchee (the last ones were in 2006), L-album Wainscot , Feathered Brindle and a couple of Great Silver Water Beetle. Migrants were represented by a few Rush Veneer and Diamond-back Moth and a single Dark Sword Grass.

Autumnal Rustic

20th September 2009, Sunday

Walland Marsh – end of the summer

Today on Walland Marsh there were numerous groups of wheatear, heading south for the winter. This bird preceeded me as I walked along a field boundary, passing from post to post.

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