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13th September 2009, Sunday

Drought at Pett Pools

Last Wednesday afternoon things were starting to warm up with 3 Curlew Sands, 3 Green Sands, 3 L.R.Plovers, 11 B.T.Godwits 9 Avocets with Dunlin and Ring Plovers adding to the wader list. But the  Wader Pool was almost completely dry. All the birds were on the next pool, but that was also very low, so l was hoping for a miracle for today ( Sunday 13th Sept) , praying that there would be some water left in the pool for the birds, but  three out of the four pools are dry! Perhaps it would be a good idea to just drain the Wader Pool in future. Because then we can always top the water level up from the other pools if need be like we used to do when we first started to drain the pool back in the late 70’s just a thought. Good bird watching Pete.

13th September 2009, Sunday

Marsh Mallow moth at Rye

Richard and Pam Knight (former RHNR wardens) have been staying locally this week, and Richard came over this morning to help me go through the moth trap. The first surprise was two Meal Moths (Pyralis farinalis), new for the garden, a pretty little moth found in grain stores etc. that doesn’t often come to light. However, of greater interest was a fresh Marsh Mallow moth, a Red Data Book species restricted to the levels around Rye and the lower Medway valley. Although I caught two last year, both on 9th September, this one is better marked. Among the 82 moths of 27 species we also had a Bordered Beauty and the attractive plume Amblyptilia acanthadactyla.