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9th September 2009, Wednesday


For some time now migrants have been passing through the RX area heading south. Many of them will cross through Spain and I was pleased to find this authoritative blog on the Extremadura region which refers to several of our migrant species. The report on white stork contained in this document is a touch concerning – this is an abundant and obvious species in that area:

9th September 2009, Wednesday

Little Grebes around Northpoint

Little Grebes seem to have had quite a good season. Today there was a pair in breeding plumage with 2 stripey young (photo) and an adult in winter plumage on the first pool towards Camber after the golf club, and a pair with a juvenile plus 3 other adults on the pool at the E end of Northpoint, and a pair raised 2 young on the creek at the W end of Northpoint. There are also several regular sites inland on East Guldeford Level and at Moneypenny where a pair were holding territory in late May.

9th September 2009, Wednesday

Camber and Northpoint

Relatively sheltered hollows on the landward side of Camber dunes this afternoon revealed a Clouded Yellow, 3 Small Heaths, a Red Admiral, a Speckled Wood and a migrant Rush Veneer moth, while near the harbour master’s were single Whinchat and Wheatear. A male Ruddy Darter was settled by the small pool at the western end of Northpoint, and a male Migrant Hawker was cruising round my garden in North Salts as I came back in.