Western Conifer Seed Bugs

1st September 2009, Tuesday

Western Conifer Seed Bugs are starting to turn up again, interestingly around the same time as last year.

One was found in a garden in Hastings on the 24th August and Derek Crawley had three in his moth trap last night in Bexhill. Also 2 were found at Dungeness Observatory, 1 at Tenterden in a moth trap, 1 at Hastings and 1 at Pagham on Tuesday.

This insect is native to north america and was introduced into Italy within timber. It has since colonised and spread throughout Europe reaching the south coast in numbers last year. Last year the first was recorded on the 30th August and records continued until the end of October. The records last year were considered to be due to natural immigration from the population that has colonised Europe.

So keep your eye out for this impressive insect!

Leptoglossus occidentalis, St Leonards, East Sussex