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7th July 2009, Tuesday

Mixed fortunes for one of our rarest plants

Both of the (introduced) East Sussex populations of the rare stinking hawk’s-beard Crepis foetida have increased in numbers this year.  At Rye a minimum of 1035 plants were present, a major increase from the previous highest total of 417 plants last year.  This significant increase was down to the creation of another fenced plot from which rabbits were excluded two years ago.  This now contains 79% of the plants, and most of the larger specimens.  The original plot may be getting a little overgrown, and may benefit from some deliberate scarification of the gravel to see if this produces better growing conditions.  As in previous years a few plants were found growing outside of these plots until they started to grow tall flowering stems and attracted lagomorph attention. Read the rest of this entry »

7th July 2009, Tuesday


Comma butterflies can be found around the reserve now, bramble bushes around the veiwpoint or the hide at Castle Water are good places to look during warm and sunny spells as the butterflies feed on the flowers. The cryptic colouring to the underwing and scalloped edges are perfect for concealing hibernating adults amongst dead leaves.