One more bumblebee related item!

23rd June 2009, Tuesday

With apologies for those who might feel these posts are being dominated by bumblebees at the moment, last week Pete Akers and I undertook timed monitoring walks on the RSPB reserve last week.  To date we have not monitored the fields in June, but this has commenced this year because short haired bumblebee could be flying now, if the species is re-introduced.

By far the most abundant bumblebee was the red tailed bumblebee Bombus lapidarius (see Sam’s photo below), which was clearly benefitting from the large amounts of bird’s-foot trefoil Lotus corniculatus on the reserve at that time.  The photo below shows this plant with viper’s bugloss Echium vulgare, on the damp margin of one of the gravel pits at Christmas Dell

Also growing along these gravel pit margins were pyramidal orchids Anacamptis pyramidalis, something that always seems strange to someone more used to seeing them on the North Downs!