Western Conifer Seed Bug Update

16th October 2008, Thursday

Since the records of the Western Conifer Seed Bug from Hastings and Dungeness on the night of the 30th/31st August, which were the first records of this insect in Britain since it’s first British occurrence at Weymouth College in 2007, there has been a number of subsequent records especially in recent days.

Below is a list of the records of this insect that have been published so far. The coastal bias would indicate a natural immigration of this species from the continent. The species was introduced into Italy but has now colonised most of Europe and is spreading north into Britain.

Hastings 30th August
Dungeness 30th August (x2)
Boulderwall 30th August
Portsmouth 6th October
Rye Harbour NR 12th October
Lydd-on-sea 12th October
Greatstone 13th October
Portland Bill Observatory 13th October
Rye 13th October
Dungeness 14th October

Icklesham 16th October

also records from the Isle of Wight, London, Kendal, Liverpool and Redditch in recent days.

Leptoglossus occidentalis, St Leonards, East Sussex