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23rd September 2008, Tuesday

Red Underwings (2)

This very large moth, measuring about 1½ inches in both directions, was on my house wall in Rye this morning, a few feet from the moth trap. It’s a rather scarce late summer and autumn species that rarely comes to light but can be attracted to sugar. The larval foodplants are poplars, aspen and willows. It wouldn’t open its wings for me and flew off after being photographed, but its full red-underwinged glory can be seen here.

It’s now early evening and I’ve just returned from a walk around the SSSI. At around 4 p.m. about 50 metres past the farm gate on the old railway line path, at TQ922198, a large grey moth flew up close to me, clearly showing red hindwings with thick dark bars!  It flew towards the line of poplars and willows behind Rye Paddock – perfect habitat?