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30th August 2008, Saturday

Ruddy Darter


My favourite dragonfly was very obliging today, allowing many close-ups while it returned to a favoured perch at Castle Water. The Ruddy Darter has a deep red and waisted abdomen, all red eyes and all black legs. This male glowed in the sun, but was not perfect, having a damaged left front wing – perhaps that’s why I could get so close.

30th August 2008, Saturday

RSPB Dungeness

The two cranes are still on the reserve and have been seen this morning. The weather forecast says it’s going to be clear and sunny all day, so no excuses for coming down to the reserve and doing a bit of crane spotting !!

30th August 2008, Saturday

Sandy margins

While out on the Bittern Excavations yesterday one of the highlights was finding several Elaphrus riparius ground beetles. The damp sandy and muddy margins that are exposed by the dropping water level are a perfect habitat for these beetles. It was hard to get a sharpe image that shows just how superb these beetles are with their metalic green colouring.