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8th August 2008, Friday

Terns departing


Tern numbers have reduced dramatically during the last ten days as the local breeding birds departed for their winter grounds. An example of where they might be heading is given by a recent ringing recovery. A Common Tern ringed as a chick at Rye Harbour on 23 June 2005 was caught on 2nd April 2008 at La Somone, Senegal  (14 29N  17 05W), that is 4360 kilometres away.

8th August 2008, Friday

RSPB Dungeness

Sightings around the reserve today include dunlin, little stint, common sandpiper, knot and garganey .
This weekend it’s the Dungeness Wildlife and Countryside Fair, Saturday and Sunday from 10am til 5pm. Lots for all the family to do around the reserve and an all day barbecue.

8th August 2008, Friday

Moths again!


Sorry, but August really is the month for rare moths!  This one’s in the same family of ‘grass moths’ as Chris’s Pediasia aridella on the 6th but more strongly marked. It’s Catoptria falsella, an uncommon and local species that hides by day in mosses, thatch and dense evergreens rather than grasses. It’s my first, and was among 57 species in my trap in Rye this morning. With so many hundreds of species, especially in southern England, on most mornings at this time of year there’s something unexpected in the trap.