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6th August 2008, Wednesday

Rye Harbour Moths

Not as many moths this week in the Lime Kiln Moth Trap, and somewhat less than Pat Bonhams 50 species, the majority this morning being either Light Brown Apple Moth, Dark Arches or Shuttle-shaped Dart. A fair bit of quality though, with the highlights being the micros Pediasia aridella (below), Viper Bugloss Moth, Rosy-striped Knot Horn and Marbled Yellow Pearl.

6th August 2008, Wednesday

Gold Spot tops the highlights


The star of a superb catch of 120 moths of 50 species in my Rye garden trap today was this Gold Spot, its silver patches gleaming in the morning sun. This is in the same group of tufted noctuid moths as the Silver Y and Burnished Brass. It’s not typically a garden species but one of damp heaths, ditches, canal and river banks – the food plants include various sedges, iris, bur-reed and water plantain – but I live very close to the River Rother and not far from several marsh drainage ditches. Also, it feeds at night on buddleia and red valerian, so maybe its presence in a garden isn’t so surprising after all.