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26th May 2008, Monday

Black Kite

I was coming out of Float Lane at Icklesham this afternoon at approximately 17.45, when I saw a large raptor which looked like a kite fly over head. I stopped the car and grabbed my binoculars, expecting to see a Red Kite, but spent the next 20 minutes having wonderfully close views of a Black Kite, at times being mobbed by the local crows.
John Martin from SOS website.

26th May 2008, Monday

Tawny Pipit Update

The Tawny Pipit was reported again at Rye Harbour around 1.30pm today, near the south-eastern corner of Flat Beach. The bird was still present at around 4.15pm.

26th May 2008, Monday

Temminck’s Stints at Wader Pool

Visiting birdwatcher Rod Standings came into Lime Kiln Cottage to report two Temminck’s Stints at the Wader Pool, the two birds gave incredible close views. The birds were still present at 11.40am.


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26th May 2008, Monday


Yesterday afternoon a Bee-eater was present at the eastern edge of Rye Harbour Village along the River Rother, it was last seen in flight over the Golf Course and was quickly lost from view.