Then and now. 3

18th May 2008, Sunday

Ternery Pool is now home to more than a thousand pair of seabirds, including 4 species of gull and 2 of terns. This no accident, many years of management has created the ideal islands for successful nesting. The first photo shows a Sussex Ornithological Society workparty in April 1979 building up one of the islands to a level where it is present in spring. First, the edge of the island was built up with pieces of concrete and then it was infilled with shingle.


The second photo shows the shingle being unloaded on to the island, from left Ron Page, Pam Knight, Richard Knight, John Trowell and Matthew Sennitt. Thanks to Alf Simpson for the photos.


This last photo shows the island yesterday, complete with nesting Black-headed Gulls and Common Terns. Several pairs of Black-headed Gulls are also on the small raft, bottom left, and many pairs are nesting on the far bank (thanks to the electric fence keeping Foxes and Badgers away).