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9th May 2008, Friday

Northpoint area

Alexanders has been steadily advancing into some of the grassland areas. This morning the scent from new florets was strong and Sedge warblers were again foraging for flies amid the stalks. Cow parsley and one or two other umbellifers seem to be crowded out a bit in places. Apple seems to be pollinated quickly – and many andrena and Nomad bees flying to blossoms. Fab birding along the area east of the Rother – a Short-eared owl a surprise but a stunning Whinchat so gaudily marked as it perched on the fencing near the golfcourse. I counted seven Lesser whitethroats singing on territories and good numbers of Sedge and Reed warblers too. The cycle trail passes over ditches behind the clubhouse and I recommend this for the chorus of song at the moment. rabbits have been happily burrowing into the vertical banks by the road so I wonder what will happen with all the heavy traffic going through there now. Other sightings – a fierce Little owl on a telephone line – a Hobby over Walland and Whimbrels feeding in small parties there and on camber sands. An unfamiliar single note high up came from a displaying male marsh harrier that seemed to cross the Rother mouth from the east – with the Mediterranean gulls passing too and fro it was an encouraging sight, but no Turtle doves heard.
Andrew Grace

9th May 2008, Friday

Sea Bass ?

This morning I was adjusting the boards that control the entry of the sea to the Wader Pool and I noticed a small shoal of fish on the saltmarsh side. I managed to catch a few and put them in the aquarium at the information centre, where they seem quite happy. They look like they might be Sea Bass, but if anyone knows please can you contact us.