Then and now. 2

7th May 2008, Wednesday

Historically the RX coastline has undergone great changes, but for now the policy is “hold the line”. In the black and white photo taken in 1933 there is about 60m. of shingle in front of the Mary Stanford Lifeboat House (the largest and darkest building on the shore). The fingers of shingle, dating from after 1800, spread inland to grazing marsh recently won from saltmarsh.


By 1999 the Bay was more concave and the shingle is almost at the boathouse. The strip of land behind the beach is intensive arable and many of the ditches and shingle features have been damaged. Large gravel pits have been created inland.


By 2007 (from a slightly different perspective) the new secondary sea defence has been constructed, creating 8 new saline lagoons and there are plans to re-create some saltmarsh near the river.