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1st May 2008, Thursday

Hastings Fishing Fleet

A radio 4 programme today featured how sustainable fishing is raising the profile of local food in Hastings. The town has maintained a successful fishing industry for centuries, and now the fishermen want to show their continued commitment to sustainable fishing. They want to see Marine Stewardship Council certification, which already covers mackerel and herring, also apply to all Dover sole caught. Listen again here.

1st May 2008, Thursday

Beach Reserve

A tad drafty this morning but still a few highlight to be had, 287 Whimbrel were counted leaving the roost on Flat Beach Quarry at dawn, 7 Knot, 18 Dunlin and 9 Bar-tailed Godwit were also there. Little Ringed Plovers (pictured) were around in good numbers on the new pools on Harbour Farm, at least 8 individual birds were seen at two locations at the same time. Avocet numbers were also high with 31 birds spread around the various pools. Golden Plovers which have roosted in large numbers over the winter and early spring are now conspicious by their absence, although 3 summer plumaged birds were on Flat Beach this morning.