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24th February 2008, Sunday


A new seaweed, Sargassum muticum or Japweed is being found in increasing quantities, washed up along the shore of Rye Bay. First recorded in Britain in 1973, it is now a common feature of the strandline.  It has numerous tiny gas bladders along the frond that keep it afloat. There are fears that this alien is dramatically changing the marine ecosystem. Click here for more info.


24th February 2008, Sunday

Mild sunny weather!

Mild conditions this weekend have kick-started the breeding behaviour of frogs in our pond again, and the animals finally produced a decent chorus. I think this weekend will be the peak of their breeding season and activity will have sadly declined by next weekend. Today there is much rippling on the water surface as males chase each other, churning up the loose sediments at the bottom of the pond and making it slightly turbid. 

 Active male frogs disturb the peace in the pond

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24th February 2008, Sunday

Rye Harbour Sightings

Very spring-like at Ternery Pool this morning, with several hundred Black-headed Gull and a few Mediterranean Gulls frequenting the islands and calling loudly. I watched a feeding Chiffchaff near Harbour Farm Barns for about 15 minutes, and every so often it would pause and give a little burst of song, not bad for late February! Still a few winter visitors around though, including the Shore Lark near the Red-roofed Hut and a Long-tailed Duck and two Goldeneye on Long Pit.