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22nd February 2008, Friday

The future of Wild Boar

There are thought to be between 500-1,000 animals living mainly in three populations on the Kent/Sussex border, the Forest of Dean and in west Dorset.
Announcing the first policy and action plan to help local communities manage feral wild boar populations the Minister for Biodiversity, Joan Ruddock, said: “It is important that communities and land owners are allowed to decide the future of their wild boar populations based on their local situation. The Government’s support will help them make the right decisions for where they live.
“We will continue to look at the effect of feral wild boar on the environment, and will review our action plan in three years to ensure it is working.”

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22nd February 2008, Friday

French Seal visits RX shore

Up until now it has been assumed that the common seals that we see along the Sussex coast are either from the wash area or from the Chichester colony. Grey seals have been assumed to come from either further west or east. However a seal tagged in 2007 by the University of Rochelle crossed the English Channel and swam east along the Sussex coast.

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22nd February 2008, Friday

Dotted Border moth


About time we had another moth, so here’s one I prepared earlier. This male Dotted Border was the only moth in my trap in Rye today, and was in fact new for my garden. It has to be a male, because like several other umbers and brindled beauties, the females are flightless, having only stubby wings in this case (or none at all in some others). It flies from February to April and can be abundant in broadleaved woodland.