Firecrest – and now 2 Blackcaps!

18th February 2008, Monday

This afternoon the female Firecrest in Saltcote Lane, Playden, was showing well, her bronze-green back gleaming in the sun and the bright yellow crown stripe well visible at times. While watching it, I noticed a female Blackcap in the same spot just before the Mews, my first of the year. Crossing quickly into the cemetery, I could hardly believe it when another female Blackcap appeared by the iron gate into the cremation plots, at exactly the spot where I found 2 Firecrests on 2/11/07. A pair of Bullfinches by the steps down at the end of Love Lane provided the icing on the cake in such a short walk.

(Note: the Saltcote Lane public footpath is confined to the tarmac drive – please don’t walk off it into the private gardens either side.)