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16th February 2008, Saturday

News from RSPB Dungeness

The six barnacle geese seen yesterday on Denge Marsh were still present from the viewing ramp this morning, part of a group of 21 birds that flew North over Burrowes pit yesterday, and the second group this week to be seen passing the point. A first year Caspian gull was seen on the islands in front of Makepeace hide and last week’s Dartford warbler was relocated in the bramble bushes between Christmas dell hide and the gorse bushes behind Denge Marsh hide. The two regular Slavonian grebes (Scott hide and New Excavations) were joined by a third bird on the ARC pit and a merlin was seen along the entrance track. Friday saw both hen harrier and short-eared owl over Denge Marsh and nine Bewick’s swans roosting on the ARC pit, whilst a first year glaucous gull paid a late visit on the Thursday, roosting on Burrowes pit. Away from the reserve, the most unusual sighting concerned a remarkably early swallow, seen over Jury’s gap.

16th February 2008, Saturday

Rye Harbour

The highlight this morning was at last a Bittern from a frosty viewpoint at dawn, 48 Little Egret were counted leaving the roost, Marsh Harrier, Bearded Tit and Chiffchaff were also seen fom the viewpoint. On the main pit the flock of White-fronted Geese (pictured) had once again roosted overnight and were last seen in flight heading for Pett Level. On the Beach Reserve this mornings highlights included, 124 Knot feeding along the shore, Merlin along Shore Ridges, 105 Golden Plover on Flat Beach and the Shore Lark near the Red Roofed Hut. rxwhite-frontsdsc08340.jpg