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12th February 2008, Tuesday

Common Whitlowgrass

Today there was a carpet of tiny white flowers on the short turf inside Camber Castle. These have been flowering since the end of January and are probably at their peak now.


They look quite insignificant, but if you get down on your hands and knees, they are quite attractive.

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12th February 2008, Tuesday

Another Firecrest on Rye Hill

Following the 4 seen last November, another Firecrest was found this afternoon in Saltcote Lane, though not close enough to determine its sex. Regular walks around Rye Hill in December and January failed to produce any sightings. The Sussex Bird Report shows marked peaks in Sept-Oct, fewer in Nov, hardly any in Dec, small numbers in Jan-Feb and another peak during March-May, reflecting its historical status as mainly a passage migrant; but with such mild winters, how many are staying on and surviving in the many luxuriant gardens up there on the hill?

12th February 2008, Tuesday

Rye Harbour

Highlights today:  54 White-fronted Geese, 28 Snipe, 17 Knot, Marsh Harrier and Kingfisher at Castle Water. On the Beach Reserve the high water wader roost on Shore Ridges included 165 Knot, 94 Grey Plover and at least 300 Sanderling. Flat Beach Level attracted 200 Dunlin, 8 Knot, 139 Oystercatcher, 24 Golden Plover and 36 Shelduck.


Snipe and Gadwall from the hide at Castle Water today.

12th February 2008, Tuesday


I found a slow-worm in Hawkhurst on 24 December, and last weekend I found a young adult, dead, in our garden in Northiam. The rear half of its body had been eaten. So much for hibernation, it must be a pretty stop-start activity these days.

I suspect it was too slow, the current weather being warm enough to wake it up, but not sufficient to allow it to escape predators (such as birds or cats).