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31st January 2008, Thursday


I’ve had an email from Helmut Kruckenberg, to say that the neck-ringed White-fronted Goose HKV, currently at Pett Level, had been previously re-caught at Bingum-Einhaus in Germany. I’m not clear at this stage where it had been first caught.
The bird has been marked as part of an ongoing research scheme detailed in these two websites:

Apologies for the poor quality of this clumsily digiscoped image

31st January 2008, Thursday

Wind Dispersal

Today is excellent for plants adapted for spreading their seed on the wind. But yesterday was calm and sunny, and as I waited for some visitors at the Rye Harbour car park I looked closely at the seeds of Wild Clematis (or Traveller’s Joy or Old Man’s Beard), just waiting for today’s wind!