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30th January 2008, Wednesday

When shingle gets disturbed

Let me stress straight away that generally on Dungeness conservationists do not want the shingle to be disturbed. Much of the nature conservation interest is best protected by leaving it alone to develop naturally. The geomorphologically important ridges that show how the site was built by the sea can be permanently destroyed by disturbance for instance. And some of the old vegetation communities can also take decades (if not more) to recover if disturbance is extensive. But, when it happens the results can be spectacular…………….

Viper’s bugloss goes for total world domination!

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30th January 2008, Wednesday

Pannel Valley NR

There have been up to four Marsh Harrier in the valley during the last month or so with a male hunting over the reeds this morning. The first Mediterranean Gull, of the year, an adult,  was bathing with a mixed group of Common and Black-headed Gulls and yesterday a Dartford Warbler was present.