Pett sea wall

28th January 2008, Monday

Sunday 27/01/08

The morning started around seven o’clock, the tide was on the way down and about two thirds of the way out already. There weren’t many species around today, the best sighting was a Great Northern Diver flying west along with a party of 10 R.T.Divers.
Today was more about numbers with 295 G.C.Grebes on the sea, also on the marsh there were 53 W.F.Geese and 4 Brent Geese along with Canadas and G.L.Geese.
Waders were also in good numbers on the marsh with 1500-2000 Lapwings, 300 Curlews 115 Golden Plovers 10 Grey Plovers and 150 Dunlins.
When all these birds took wing, due to 2 different Marsh Harriers (both cream heads), the skies were full of birds. There are still good numbers of ducks about eg Wigeon, Teal, Shoveler,Pochard and Tufted Duck but only low numbers of Scoters in the bay.