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6th January 2008, Sunday

The sea kale zone

A metre or two inland from the strandline at Rye and Dungeness the first of the perennial plants that you are most likely to encounter is sea kale Crambe maritima, with its blue grey leaves and prominent white flowers. This sea-kale community can be observed easily at a particularly broad strip at Dungeness Point, just west of the New Light-house, where a relatively new boardwalk passes through it on the way to the sea. At present the shingle appears largely bare, but there are scattered patches of dead pale grey leaves.

Sea kale seedlings around a dormant plant

In the centre of this photograph is a dormant sea kale rhizome waiting to burst into leaf in the spring. Around it, and across the gravel today there were also numerous sea kale seedlings. Given how mobile the shingle is when you walk on it you can imagine how vulnerable these tiny plants are to damage – being buried or crushed by stones for instance. Read the rest of this entry »

6th January 2008, Sunday

Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve Birds

Some excellent bird records were reported from Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve today on wildhastings. The best included a long-eared owl near the quarry, a short-eared owl near barn pond, 2 woodcock, 6 raven and 2 hawfinch over the picnic site car park. Numbers were provided by 773 woodpigeon, 353 jackdaw, 87 carrion crow, 59 magpie, 70 snipe (site record), 49 yellowhammer, 39 meadow pipit, and 35 reed bunting.

6th January 2008, Sunday

Rye Harbour Sightings

The Shore Lark was still present on the Beach Reserve, moving between the Red-roofed Hut and Flat Beach. On Long Pit, a Long-tailed Duck, a Scaup and three Goldeneye (two drake) were present, while the highlights at Castle Water were five Pintail (inc. three drakes), Green Sandpiper and Marsh Harrier.

Pintail - drake and female