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29th December 2007, Saturday

Beach Reserve

Still lots of interest in the Shore Lark, today it has shown well at times near the Red Roofed Hut although it can disappear across the road on to Flat Beach.

29th December 2007, Saturday

An ancient feast, and other surprises

Walking across the shingle on the Lydd Ranges coast on Wednesday I came across a horde of cockle shells near Galloways, with the odd dog whelk thrown in. They had been dropped in a cluster, and judging by the numbers of slow growing lichens darkening these pale shells they are clearly an old feature. Is this the result of a bird (perhaps a gull or a crow) gathering the shells and feasting on them at a particular roost spot, or are they signs of a meal by people foraging on the beach before it became regularly fired over by the army? The high cover of lichens on the shells shows that this patch of shingle has been left undisturbed for a long time.

 shell horde.JPG

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