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21st December 2007, Friday

Sandwich Tern

A Sandwich Tern was seen at the Patch along with a second-winter Mediterranean Gull and a second-winter Yellow-legged Gull. The Red-necked Grebe was seen again on the northern Long Pit and three Chiffchaffs were also noted.

David Walker from DBO website

21st December 2007, Friday

Hoar Frost

This morning’s heavy frost persisted all day in some shady places. Lots of interesting icy patterns… a shame the forecast is for a mild Christmas. For more about Hoar Frost click here.

Bramble leaf

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21st December 2007, Friday

Garden “architecture”

On 16th September I wrote about this garden plant and its benefits for wildlife. As usual I have left the flowering stems in the garden as “architecture” over winter, but until today they have been steadfastly avoided by the birds. Today, however they started to pay attention to the plants and several goldfinch were feeding on them, together with, rather surprisingly, three house sparrows. One was very adept at feeding on the seed-heads, whilst the other two male birds kept falling off.

Although we have a very successful nyger seed feeder in the garden it is much more interesting to see the birds acrobatic tricks on garden plants. Another species that is very good is Cosmos, I don’t particularly like the flowers of this plant and grow it mainly because goldfinch flock to eat the seed.

The other avian interest in the garden this month has been chiffchaff. I do not remember getting them regularly in our garden over winter before, although I have started working from home this year and may have missed them, but there has been one in the garden every day this month until yesterday when we had two. They are most frequently seen hunting around some raspberry canes that stand in the sunniest part of the garden. These are another set of old stems that will stay in situ until the spring.

21st December 2007, Friday

Rye Harbour

Highlights over the past few days have included, Barn Owl hunting at dawn and dusk on Harbour Farm, 2 Marsh Harrier over Narrow pit and Castle Water. In the field by Lime Kiln Cottage, 18 Grey Partridge, 15 Corn Bunting, 500 Lapwing and 600 Golden Plover. This morning, Kingfisher and Merlin gave good views at the Wader Pool and a Short-eared Owl could be seen across the river hunting over the Golf Course. The Long-tailed ducks are still present on Long Pit.