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20th December 2007, Thursday

Lower Agney (TQ92V) – far horizons

Agney with pylon.jpg
This tetrad straddles the Kent/Sussex border in the middle of Walland Marsh. It takes a bit of getting to, being over 2 miles from the nearest road. The only cover is provided by a network of deep brushy drainage ditches and a few old wind-blasted willows, mainly around the long-deserted shell of the remote Lower Agney farmhouse. In today’s hazy sunshine this was a place of great peace, the landscape reduced to simple swathes of green and brown arable stretching away to distant horizons. I found just 15 species in the tetrad, but 23 in TR02A to the east and 24 in TQ91Z to the south, both of which are more varied with occupied farms or houses. Birds such as Golden Plover, Stock Doves, Stonechats, Reed and Corn Buntings are characteristic; conversely it’s exciting to come across a Blue Tit, Robin, Wren or Dunnock! The best bird was a Little Owl peering at me from a barn at Scotney Court, and the only disappointment was the lack of Tree Sparrows anywhere. The two Long-tailed Ducks were still on Scotney gravel pits, plus a female Common Scoter, all at the Kent end. The Marsh is dotted with abandoned places like Lower Agney, once homes but long since left to the wind.
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