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18th December 2007, Tuesday

A frosty evening

On Sunday afternoon an intrepid bunch of birders ignored the freezing conditions to watch reedbeds across the Marsh and count the numbers of harriers coming in to roost at dusk. The result was the largest marsh harrier count since they recolonised the Marsh in the 1990’s, a total of 29 birds. By contrast hen harriers were few and far between with only 3 birds recorded.

18th December 2007, Tuesday

Curlew routine

Every evening, just as the sun is setting, the 300-600 wintering Curlew of Rye Bay head for Rye Harbour. The large feeding flocks at Pett Level fly out over the sea and head east. Other flocks arrive from further inland. If there is still some intertidal sand and mud they will land there and continue to feed into darkness. If the tide is high they will roost on the shingle or head to the new pits created by the recent sea defence works.


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