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12th December 2007, Wednesday

Camber to Scotney atlassing

Easy enough to see what’s on the shore, but how often does anyone look in the village? Today the older Farm Lane area (TQ91P) proved richest, with a modest 11 species around the houses plus 14 more on the pools and fields, including 100+ Curlew and 50+ Corn Buntings. Most of Camber is in the next tetrad, TQ91U, more recent so less wooded; I could find only 9 species in the gardens, but the big surprise was a polluted and litter-strewn ditch at TQ970187 which, as well as a horde of multicoloured Mallard, held a Common Sandpiper and a Kingfisher. Incidentally, there were still 2 Common Sands on the river by North Salts, Rye, yesterday. The Jury’s Gap tetrad, TQ91Z, proved very barren, while finally a visit to Scotney pits (TR01E) produced a Long-tailed Duck, one of two according to another observer there.

     The absences are also of interest – I found no Rooks, Jackdaws, Robins, Dunnocks, Greenfinches or Green Woodpeckers, and surprisingly (considering their numbers around Rye) no Fieldfares or Redwings; even Blackbirds seemed rather scarce. However, House Sparrows were everywhere in much greater numbers than inland from Rye.

12th December 2007, Wednesday

Rye Harbour Sightings

A Dartford Warbler was present on Harbour Farm late morning, flitting between bramble bushes next to the path to corner pools, while on Long Pit, two Long-tailed Duck, a Scaup and a male Goldeneye were present. Several small groups of Snipe around this morning, with a group of 11 showing well on Wader Pool. At Castle Water a pair of Great Crested Grebe indulged in a little courtship (below).