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5th December 2007, Wednesday

Barnacle Geese

Yesterady there was a flock of at least 80 Barnacle Geese and nine hybrid-type, presumably Snow X Barnacle Geese, at Scotney gravel pit.
So what, I hear you say – “they are obviously escapes/naturalised birds!!!”
The point is that at least one of the Barnacles was colour-ringed, red on the right leg. I could not read the ring code in the murky conditions. Having seen lots of similarly colour-ringed birds (wild) amongst the dutch wintering populations it is therefore possible that some (or at least one) of these birds may actually be of wild origin.
So two requests.
1) If you are at Scotney and see this flock can you please try and get the ring code. I will happily chase up the ringing details.
2) Has this flock been seen elsewhere in Kent or Sussex in recent days.
David Walker DBO