Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve – mid-day

4th October 2007, Thursday

It seems that the autumn days now only need a burst of sun to really warm up.  But I wonder if an occasional frost exerts the same effect as the old fashioned long ones.  After all, the day length diminishes in these temperate parts and the birds and trees seem to be responding to this.
At Ecclesbourne I was enchanted by two Ravens which came to circle slowly close – and a minute later a bird of prey coming in low over the cliffs turned out to be a ring-tailed Hen harrier which sped off eastwards, scaring up Goldfinches (below) from the weedy pasture.  A juxtaposition of early and later autumn as the birds I had seen at North’s seat earlier included a Redstart and overhead a Hobby hawking for red admirals and Migrant hawker dragonflies in the hot and hazy air. There, among the Admiral and peacock butterflies a bright yellow male brimstone on the wing.
Goldfinch feeding on Teasel