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1st August 2007, Wednesday

Traveller’s-joy feeders

A number of traveller’s-joy (Clematis vitalba) feeding moths were on the wing last night and were attracted to my moth trap above the West St Leonards Cliffs SNCI along West Hill Road, St Leonards. As well as the small waved umber (pictured) also present was a fern, a pretty chalk carpet and a haworth’s pug. The SNCI is a scrubby area of undercliff which is covered with traveller’s-joy and these four species of moth are very frequent at my moth trap during summer.

Photo of small waved umber - Horisme vitalbata
Photo of small waved umber – Horisme vitalbata

Other species of note present at the trap was a garden tiger, a yellow barred brindle, 2 marbled green and only one migrant, a silver y.
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1st August 2007, Wednesday

Not the usual colours

In a shingle hollow today there were 2 uncommon species that are of different colours to the rest of their “group”.
The Carline Thistle has yellowish flowers that look like mini sunflowers.
Carline Thistle
The Brown Argus is a “blue” butterfly, but both sexes are brown with orange half moons along the wing margin and a black spot on the forewing.
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