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19th August 2006, Saturday

Pleated inkcap

After the rain a few toadstools are starting to appear. This one, the pleated inkcap, Coprinus plicatilis, was growing beside a path in our garden in Sedlescombe.

19th August 2006, Saturday

Flatropers Wood insect

I found this creature scuttling across a sweet chestnut leaf in Flatropers Wood this morning. It was approximately 5mm. I saw a number of them scattered in the woodland and took the attached photo as a matter of interest expecting it to be some species of plant hopper. However when I enlarged the photo I saw that it had a pair of pincers protruding from the side and it appeared to be some type of insect carrying a load of jumble. The pincers remind me of an earwig, but Patrick Roper says it is a lacewing larva and the pincers are jaws!
Lacewing larva

19th August 2006, Saturday

News from RSPB Dungeness

Today’s highlight here at Dungeness was a juvenile Montagu’s harrier seen from Denge Marsh hide.

Other raptors included marsh harrier, hobby and peregrine.

Waders present included greenshank, green and wood sandpiper and snipe as well as eight black-tailed godwits on the ARC pit.

A whinchat was spotted by our week-end wardens on Denge Marsh Road and spotted flycatchers were seen on the return trail and ARC willow trail.

Willow warblers were seen and heard around the reserve and bearded tits were spotted from the Hookers’ pits viewpoint.

Some swifts are still about, and a female red-crested pochard has been seen again from Denge Marsh hide.

19th August 2006, Saturday

At risk

Today while at Castle Water I came across this freshly emerged Common Blue damselfly, its a female, even at this early stage the distinctive spine under segment eight of the abdomen is clearly visible. This is a vunerable time for the young damselfly, it takes time for the wings to dry and harden, so can easily be predated. On the same post there were many empty larvae cases ( bottom picture).

rxnewly emerged female common blue.jpgrxexuviae.jpg