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5th August 2006, Saturday

Rye Harbour Moths

A multitude of migrants in the Lime Kiln moth trap this morning included 75 Silver Y, 25 Rush Veneer, six Evergestis extimalis and small numbers of White-point, Diamond-back Moth and Bordered Straw. The trap also contained a few Marmalade Hoverfly, a common British species which regularly turns up as a migrant, and a very confused Red Admiral! The main rarity interest was among the micros which inlcuded Sitochroa palealis (below, another resident whose numbers can be reinforced by migrants), Platytes alpinella and our old favourites Ethmia bipunctella and Synaphe punctalis, though a single Reed Dagger was also present.

S palealis SMALL.JPG.jpg

Sitochroa palealis

5th August 2006, Saturday

Castle Water

Highlights from Castle Water this Morning , Wood Sandpiper, 6 Green Sandpiper (pictured below) and 8 Common Sandpiper. At the Viewpoint 2 Kingfisher gave good views as did a Hobby. Last month the peak daily count of Green Sandpiper within the SSSI reached 28, numbers seem to have dropped over the past week.