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26th September 2005, Monday

Giant puffball

The other day I came across a giant puffball, Langermannia gigantea, (or Calvatia gigantea)in a garden off Magdalen Road in St Leonards (see picture below taken by Owen Saward).
I was surprised to find that the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre appears to have no previous records of this fungus from East or West Sussex, though I have certainly seen this species from time to time over the years.
The specimen here was still young, with no trace of brown spores inside and, as the picture shows, much appreciated by the local slugs.
Giant puffball, St Leonards

26th September 2005, Monday

Moorhen Murder

Yesterday, from the Castle Water hide, I saw something I had not seen before … a Great Black-backed Gull catch an adult Moorhen, beat it to death and eat it. It was too big to swallow whole, so it eventually ripped it apart, much to the delight of 2 Carrion Crows in close attendance.
Moorhen caught by Great Black-backed Gull